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Game over – What can we learn from the death of a brand

By Henry R / July 4, 2018

Generations mourn as an institution of fun closes all stores in the US, UK and Australia. But what can brands learn from Toys ‘R’ Us and their mistakes? R.I.P Toys ‘R’ Us. The collapse of the brand has provoked a dramatic and impassioned response. It began with a photo of the brand’s mascot, Geoffrey the

Trend-spotting: Brands killing it with self-reflection

By Henry R / June 27, 2018

Brands are taking a long, hard look at themselves, presenting self-reflective campaigns that are witty and original. As consumers become more sceptical of advertising in its traditional forms, the playing field is changing for brands vying for our attention. Platforms like social media are flourishing, whilst approaches such as guerrilla marketing and branded experiences are

How smart brands turned Sydney Vivid into a golden opportunity

By Henry R / June 20, 2018

Branded experiences and creative thinking meant that 2018’s Sydney Vivid Festival was a special one for companies as well as the public. The 10th anniversary of Vivid Festival bathed Sydney in light and colour for three weeks. Whilst visitors relished in the bright urban scenography (or lamented at the crowd sizes), brands sought to make

How to bring your brand to life – with verbal identity

By Henry R / June 14, 2018

Ensuring that your brand speaks with a consistent voice has never been more necessary. For a long time, verbal identity was seen as the lesser little brother to visual identity. How a brand communicates with words was considered less important than how a brand communicates visually. But in recent times, due to factors like the

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