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3 things that happen to your brand once it goes public

By Dan Ratner / February 4, 2017

Listing on the stock exchange is a significant moment for any business. It opens opportunities for growth, invites new audiences to engage and creates a buzz around who and what you are. Yet, amongst the effort and excitement to achieve an IPO, many overlook the impact the listing has on their brand and its potential

Starting small to build a great brand

By Dan Ratner / March 15, 2017

Every cup counts: small steps to a great brand A brand is a perception held in someone’s mind. It is the sum of all the individual experiences and impressions a person has of you or your business. Having a great brand is powerful: its about your customers thinking good things about you. The ideal outcome happens

Is what makes you different making the difference?

By Dan Ratner / April 21, 2017

Getting cut-through in an increasingly crowded and dynamic marketplace requires a strong brand that clearly demonstrates what sets you apart from the competition. The first hurdle many brands face when communicating their difference is understanding what it is that actually makes them different in the first place. This may be surprising but consider this: Is

Are your people your people?

By Dan Ratner / May 25, 2017

How to make sure you’re hiring brand advocates Becoming an employer of choice helps your business attract and retain the best talent. A strong employer brand has your company stand out from the crowd, creating a positive and desirable workplace for both your current employees and potential candidates. “Your brand isn’t what you say it

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