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Brand strategy services

We deliver meaningful and valued strategies that help organisations’ connect their purpose to who they are and what they do, everyday.

Brand Research

Your brand is simply a perception. Great branding means understanding what people think of your brand today whilst having a clear picture of what you want people to think of your brand in the future.

At uberbrand we like to understand how people think and use this as the basis for developing a grounded brand strategy. It takes diving into your audiences, markets and competitive landscape, using a range of market research techniques and methodologies.

Brand Strategy

The role of brand strategy is to translate business objectives and aspirations into actionable and communicable outcomes.

Our brand models help define that singular idea of who and what you are, so that we can use the essence of this to drive what you look like, what you say and what you do.

Brand Architecture and Brand Portfolio

Managing a portfolio of brands requires a deep understand of your organisational objectives. By working closely with our clients we make sense of their brands from product and service level through to group level.

In cases where there have been mergers or acquisitions, we can help our clients make sense of how these additional brands affect their business and create pathways for integrating newly acquired brands.

By applying our brand architecture approach, we create the optimum structure for their brand portfolio.

Value propositions

We work with you to understand your audience, who you are and your offer to your customer – in context to your brand and business objectives.

This forms the basis of a strong value proposition that can help you reach your audiences and achieve your goals.

Brand Naming

What’s in a name. Everything and nothing. A vessel to be imbued and filled with meaning.

Our naming approach rationalises the selection process by minimizing subjectivity. Creating names inspired by brand strategy. Recommending those that provide the best platforms for meaning, that are unique, ownable and create cut through in their markets.

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