We’re a team of strategists, communicators and designers working at the intersection of organisational strategy, brand, creative, digital and communications.

Being an independent branding agency, means we take a truly holistic and fully integrated approach to the definition, creation and communication of brands. It’s a process that’s been applied to a diverse range of clients, industries and sectors. From top 100 companies to tech start-ups, from educators to financial services.


At uberbrand we believe that brand is simply perception.

It’s not what you say it is, it’s what people think it is.

Made up of all the experiences and impressions people have from you.

Great branding happens when what people think about you aligns with your aspirations.

It takes having a clear vision of how you want to be perceived, and then aligning all your communications under this singular idea.

This is our starting point for brands and it drives how we work.


Helping define, design and communicate some of Australia’s best-known brands.


Perception driven by aspiration. We provide fully integrated branding services from initial brand development through to ongoing brand management. Delivering meaningful and valued strategies that help organisations connect their purpose to who they are and what they do, every day.

Some of our strategic services include:

  • Brand research
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand architecture and brand portfolio
  • Value proposition development
  • Naming
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We develop brand identities derived and informed by strategy. From logo creation through to full visual identity systems. Taking a comprehensive approach ensures the usability and amenity of what is created reflects the brand and its positioning, whilst also being applicable for use in real world applications.

Key design services include:

  • Logo development
  • Visual identity systems
  • Brand guidelines and brand management
  • Collateral production and rollout
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Signature digital experiences, inspired by brand. Digital is so much more than a platform or a one-off strategy. It spreads throughout the entire brand expression. As your audience interacts across multiple devices, screens and platforms, it’s important to cater to their needs to ensure your brand aligns across every digital touchpoint.

Key digital services include:

  • Digital strategy
  • Ideation and innovation
  • User experience design
  • Digital design
  • Web and mobile development
  • Digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing
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What you say about who you are is just as important as what you look like. We develop communication strategies and guidelines that reflect your brand strategy. Defining audiences, identifying key messages and applying a distinct tone of voice to create compelling on brand communications.

Some of our communication services include:

  • Communication strategy
  • Communication guidelines
  • Tone of voice systems
  • Taglines and external positioning statements
  • Brand narratives and stories
  • Content creation and content marketing
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The intersection of strategy, brand experience and advertising. We create advertising campaigns that are driven by insight and brand strategy. We believe that as the brand architect we’re well positioned to create informed and compelling creative and campaignable ideas.

Our creative services include:

  • Campaign creative ideation
  • Above and below the line campaign development
  • Channel strategy
  • Product services
  • Customer experience and engagement
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An uberbrand happens when perception aligns with your aspirations. It’s the same thing with people.

That’s why we foster an environment of empowerment, where passion meets belief and opportunity.

We give people the chance to express their innate passion for brand in an environment where they can be fearless in discovering who they are, what they do and why.

If you’re a lover of brand and branding, contact us today.

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