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As Australia feels the heat, here’s a brand that’s working to solve global challenges

  • - By Henry Richards

With the tragic 2019/2020 bushfire season, it’s clear (to most) that the climate is changing and we need to change in turn. And with the help of Greta Thunberg, more conversations are being had, as more consumers do their best to make more sustainable choices. The big change that our country needs, however, has to come from above.

Industry needs to step up to the task and do their bit. Although the room for improvement is vast, there are some who are locking horns with the challenges before us.

Getting real

Concepts and phrases like climate change and global warming are nothing new. And in the time that they’ve been part of common parlance, it’s become apparent that a drastic rejig of society isn’t coming any time soon.

So, rather than trying to totally abandon certain practices deemed unsustainable, perhaps making these structures more environmentally friendly is a more pragmatic approach.

uberbrand proudly rebranded Calix last year. An Australian company, Calix have shaped an entire business model around making industries more sustainable for the planet, without affecting the sustainability of business.

Leading the charge

Calix’s mission statement is simple – to be a leading innovator of environmental solutions for industry. And for more than a decade they’ve been walking the walk, collaborating with businesses and governments to minimise their ecological footprint. They call their efforts “solving global challenges”, and they take these challenges very seriously.

In fact, they’ve defined and mapped these challenges to support the UN’s Social Development Goals, which act as a universal blueprint for a better future. Calix’s eight core “global challenges” range from reducing CO2 emissions to feeding the global population and making crop protection safer. These serve to improve the practices, environmental impact and sustainability of a range of industries, including energy, food and water.

Speaking for itself

A prime example of where Calix’s work is having a tangible effect is in lime and cement. According to an article in BBC News, if the concrete industry were a country, it would be the third biggest carbon emitter in the world. Calix is a key participant in project LEILAC (Low Emissions Intensity Lime and Cement), a research and innovation project backed by the EU. LEILAC is developing breakthrough carbon capture techniques to drastically reduce emissions without significant energy or capital penalty. This is made possible by Calix’s CO2 separation technology, which shows results of up to 95% purification.

Calix’s involvement with LEILAC is just one case in their list of innovations and partnerships that are helping to change Australian society – and the world – in the face of a changing climate. We could continue to beat the drum and pat Calix on the back. But with a list of awards that grows each year, the recognition is already there in abundance.

What we will say is that uberbrand’s strategy team are proud to have helped Calix crystallise their brand and get the message out about their important work. We look forward to even greater collaboration in the future and to witnessing the positive impact that Calix have.

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