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Big Teal: Why it’s the hottest colour in design

By Henry R / October 25, 2018

Our crack design team has noticed a perplexing aesthetic trend. It seems like every brand and their dog wants some teal in their visual identity. So, we asked the question: what’s the deal with teal? Teal. A humble colour, yet one that’s come to dominate design palettes the world over. But where did teal come

Three secrets to killer content marketing

September 26, 2018

Creating content that captivates audiences and lets your brand roar isn’t as easy as one-two-three. But with our three tricks of the content marketing trade, it doesn’t have to be too difficult either. Content marketing. Now in its heyday, the approach drives market awareness, lead generation and, at its best, positions companies as thought leaders.

The Miley Cyrus guide to brand reinvention

By Henry R / September 11, 2018

See how continually evolving your brand is the key to maintaining relevance, with support from a pop icon who’s reinvented herself time and again. Whether it’s your personal branding or that of a multinational corporation, brand is the impression that people remember, buy into and come back for. While consistency is important, even a rock-solid

The long-term effect of short-termism

By Dan Ratner / August 30, 2018

An open letter to CMOs uberbrand recently attended the annual CMO Summit on the Gold Coast. The event brought together over 150 industry leaders to connect and discuss the most relevant themes driving marketing today. When we analysed their priorities against their challenges, we saw that digitisation and sales automation outweighs brand awareness and strategy

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