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#invested In Changing Perceptions

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In 2019 uberbrand were approached by Pendal Group to reposition their brand in a climate where their key audience – Financial advisers – were being challenged. Our work sought to foster a sense of solidarity and pride in a group still regrouping from the impact of the Royal Commission into Financial Services.

Strategic consideration of the market and the business brought to light the opportunity for Pendal Group to demonstrate their caring focus on helping people experience the outcomes of good investment. The repositioning provided financial advisers with the morale boost they sorely needed, leading to the aspirational affirmation that spring-boarded the campaign: ‘The future’s worth investing in’.

The campaign cut through the clamorous market noise, increasing Pendal’s reputation for performance and service of ‘above average’ and ‘one of the best’ by 10%. The campaign also increased Pendal’s consideration for inclusion in portfolio of ‘probably consider’ and ‘definitely consider’ by 16%.

Beyond statistics, the true reward was seeing Pendal bring together and empower an industry.

In recognition of the impact Pendal Group have achieved through the campaign, uberbrand and Pendal’s campaign are now finalists in the 2020 Financial Standard’s MAX Awards.


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